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Preparation. Hustle. Education. Network. Overcome. Mentality.


Who Is Phenom?

Every individual has patterns and behaviors that hold them back from reaching their highest potential.  Phenom has sought out various ways to continuously push not only himself but, others as well.  While in college he was a division one athlete, had a show on campus,  and worked for a local news station.  After graduating from college a year early he applied for many jobs but got none.


A year later he quit his part-time job to pursue entrepreneurship.  Within two years he became a sports reporter, ESPN + producer,  wrote two books, started day trading,  and became a public speaker,  all while working for Apple.

As an experienced and esteemed public speaker, he aims to deliver education, inspiration, and entertainment to a variety of audiences.  Phenom strives to make an impact on every individual he comes in contact way to continue to spread positivity.


I've been reading a lot of self development and business related books over the past year and believe me when I say that this guy right here, HAS A LOT OF KNOWLEDGE! He knows what he's talking about!! If you're thinking about becoming an entrepreneur or even just wanting to make positive changes in your daily life, this is a must read. It's a fast read so if you have a low attention span you'll still be able to get through it. I especially loved his insight on having your week planned out. It keeps you focused and intentional with your time.

Q. Martinez

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